Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Kids: Right Age Of Eating

Selecting nutritious food for kids can be really tricky. Once your infant starts eating solid foods, it is important to figure out what you include in their diet. Talking about nutritious food, dry fruits are filled with nutritional content that helps in better digestion, provide essential vitamins, minerals, and are packed with protein, potassium, etc.

If you are a new mom, it is crucial to think twice before adding anything to your baby's diet. Apart from choking from food, babies have a very delicate digestive system; this is why you must consider your child's health and expert advice before adding dry fruits to kids' diet. 

Once you start adding dry fruits to your child’s diet, make sure they are of great quality and contain important nutrients. Still confused? Don't worry! We have listed a detailed guide, and here we will discuss the right age of eating dry fruit for kids, what are the health benefits of dry fruits, and which dry fruit is most suitable for your kid's health.   

When Is The Right Time To Feed Dry Fruits To Your Kid?

If you are planning to introduce dry fruits to your little one, consider some special feeding methods. If your baby is 7 to 8 months old or is around one year, the feeding method should be– Soak the dry fruit or nuts in water or milk overnight and blend them in a thick paste before feeding your child. You can feed the paste with a spoon or mix it with milk. 

Once your baby is around two years old or more, just soak the dry fruit in water and peel it before feeding your child. This way, your kid would get the essential nutrients, and there would be minimal chances of any aftereffects.  

Soaking dry fruits in water makes it easier to digest, and if your child's digestive system is comparatively weak, you can feed them soaked dry fruits until the age of ten or eleven. 

Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Kids 

Before discussing the health benefits, it is important to understand which dry fruits and nuts are healthier for your child. Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew, Dates, Dried Apricots, and Figs, these dry fruits for kids, are packed with essential nutrients they require. Let’s talk about the potential health benefits of feeding dry fruits to your kids. 

1- Packed With Micronutrients 

Nuts and dry fruits have a high content of micronutrients that would help in the proper growth of your child. Vitamins A, E, B3, Potassium, Iron, Folate, and magnesium keep hair, skin, and internal organs healthy. 

2- Improves Digestive Health 

Being rich in dietary fibres, the consumption of dry fruit can easily manage your child's digestive system. Dried prunes, peaches, or prune juice are packed with probiotics and promote good bacteria in the gut. 

3- Reduce The Chances Of Anaemia 

Anaemia can be caused when your child lacks iron in their body. Iron promotes healthier haemoglobin levels in the blood. To prevent the risk of anaemia in your baby, feed them two almonds, half walnut, and 1 fig daily. 

4- Promotes Eye And Bone Health  

Bones growth is one of the essential processes when you are a child, and to ensure healthier bones feed your child 2 to 3 cashews each day. Cashew also contributes to better sight and protects eyes and bones. 

Along with these benefits, dry fruits also promote better immunity and brain development in the child. To ensure excellent quality and nutrients packed dry fruits trust the experts. PureHeart is the leading manufacturer and retailer of nuts and dry fruits. You can order dry fruits online and ensure quality products that are safe for your child and family.

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