Health Benefits Of Almonds And Why You Should Include It In Your Diet

Gourmets always look for something to add to their dessert that is crunchy and healthy at the same time. Almonds add the ideal crunch to your sweet dish, including several health benefits. Whether it is sweets, cookies, cakes or any other baked food, almonds render a mouth-watering taste to the treat.

Apart from garnishing stuff, these nuts are also added as the main ingredient to prepare several Indian sweet dishes and beverages. If you are amazed why people are so obsessed with consuming almonds, it is due to its munching taste combined with numerous health benefits.

Let’s explore more about the health benefits of almonds.

Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Almonds are a rich source of B-complex vitamins, including Thiamine, Niacin, vitamins B1, B2 and B9 that is essential for complete brain development, particularly during the initial two years after birth. Additionally, it contains manganese, a necessary mineral for the proper functioning of the brain and nerves. One of the major benefits of almonds is that they enhance the brain’s health and many health experts recommend consuming almonds to enhance memory power and concentration. 

Stabilizes The Cholesterol Levels 

If you have health issues due to imbalances in cholesterol levels, adding almonds into your daily diet can effectively help. The balance between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol is essential concerning the stabilization of Cholesterol Levels in the blood. Balanced cholesterol is one of the significant health benefits of Almonds as they have properties to lower LDL cholesterol because they are a rich source of antioxidants that protect the cells from damage-free radicals. Moreover, it also maintains HDL Cholesterol. 

Maintains The Good Health Of Heart 

Almonds contain MUFA that supports the heart to maintain its overall health. Also, it is a rich source of a potent antioxidant and vitamin E that prevents the arteries from hardening. The phosphorus available in almonds with vitamin B effectively maintains the heart rate. If you have abnormal heart rate issues, keep these nuts with you to avoid any complications. 

Helps With Weight Loss

As per a study conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition, daily consumption of  55 grams of nuts like almonds keeps you away from the risk of weight gain. You can get the health benefits of almonds by consuming them as a snack because they help reduce the excessive appetite and hazard of weight gain because they contain several nutrients that are difficult to find. 

Suitable For Good Hair And Skin 

As the almond contains vitamin E in an adequate amount, it helps restore the skin's moisture and maintains its flexibility. It has been observed that people who regularly consume almonds look fitter and younger. The existence of a potent antioxidant in almonds makes it an effective remedy to prevent hair damage. 

Lowers Overall Calorie Intake 

Protein and fiber make you feel content in terms of hunger and limit you from consuming more calories. Therefore, adding almonds to your diet helps to control your appetite. It is one of the foremost health benefits of almonds as these nuts are low in carbs and contain a higher amount of protein and fiber. It has been observed in a study conducted on 137 participants that consuming around 43 grams decreases appetite effectively.


However, people of all age groups can take advantage of the health benefits of almonds, but those allergic to tree nuts should avoid almonds. If you are garnishing your dish with almonds, prefer chopped almonds; otherwise, there will be a  risk of choking with whole almonds. Apart from that, almonds are safer and healthier to satisfy your taste bud, and you can get premium California almonds at your doorway through PureHeart to give a nutritious treat to your loved ones.

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