The easy answer is to head to our online shop and order all the Nut Spreads for starters! On a more serious note, the number of reasons why kids do not like a certain food is endless! Texture, flavour, their friends’ perception of that food, the smell...we could go on. When it comes to nuts - all of these reasons, as most mothers come to discover, can be addressed just by presenting them at the right place in the right form or should we say fun form? 

Filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, nuts are a beautiful mixed bag of nutrients. It helps your kids in all spaces - learning, playing and & growing! 

If your kid, sibling, nephew or niece is extremely fond of high-intensity activities such as sports, running around to organize events, help them understand how nuts can help them be faster and stronger. Then, a pre-playtime or an after-school snack like - chocolate nutspread sandwich, dosa or even a yummy drink is a great way to incorporate nuts into their life - with no protest from them! Similarly, share the advantages of omega-3 fats and mono-saturated acids found in nuts. They help a child’s focus, thinking abilities and brain development.  So nuts help them take care of their mental and physical health, both.

Nuts, especially almonds, cashew nuts, and pistachios, are filling snacks even just mixed in their cereal or garnish on desserts. Making them a good alternative to less-healthy yet easily available food options. But perhaps this benefit is best kept between the adults!

Ideas for how nuts can be included in their meals:

  • Keep a jar of their favourite nuts on their study table.
  • Add roasted almonds or cashew nuts to a salad.
  • Sprinkle roasted, chopped hazelnuts or pistachios over soup.
  • Toss almonds or cashews through a stir fry.

Let us know how it goes!

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