Dry Fruit Gift Hampers For Raksha Bandhan by Pureheart

The countdown to Raksha Bandhan and festive shopping has begun! Rakhi and gifts hold the essence of this festival. And gifts are identified as the best way to express your love and care. So, what can be better than a gift that promotes your sibling's health? Nothing, right? Therefore, Pureheart is here with five healthy yet delectable dry fruit gift hampers. 

The best part - we are offering a 10% discount on all our Raksha Bandhan dry fruit gift hampers!!!  

So, what are you still pondering over? Scroll through our list of dry fruit gift hampers and beset your sibling with a gift of love, care, and health! 

5 Exotic Dry Fruit Gift Hampers For Raksha Bandhan

This Raksha Bandhan tell the tale of your sibling rivalry and care with dry fruit gift hampers. With proven health benefits and delicious taste, dry fruits are undoubtedly not only healthy but also labelled as one of the best gifts. 

Our gift hampers are suitable for your sibling's health and good for your pocket! Mentioned below are our best-selling dry fruit gift hampers. Select a pick and make Raksha Bandhan even more special!  

1- Double Delicious Hamper

The first pick on our list is the Double Delicious Hamper. The hamper includes Pureheart Nutreat Salted Cashews & Nutspread Choco Mixed Nut. Both the products are 100% vegetarian and have no added preservatives. Our cashews are sourced from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa and are of premium quality. The icing on the cake is our Choco Mixed Nut spread, and with a stunning 10% per cent discount, this is one of the best dry fruit gift hampers! 

This combination of salted cashews and mixed nut choco spread will enrich your mouth with a flavourful taste - crunch and goodness of nutrients! Indeed this gift hamper guarantees an ear-to-ear smile for your sibling!


2- ChocoNut3 Hamper

Is your sibling a chocoholic? Well, there can be no better gift hamper than our delicious chocolate nut spreads! Plus, each of the Choco NutSpread distinguishes itself with unique flavours of hazelnut, almond, and mixed nuts! The delectable taste and cocoa, fruity, and roasty aroma makes this combo one of the best dry fruit gift hampers for Raksha Bandhan. The festival is about cherishing your sibling bond, so why not do it with something they love? 

Indeed, this gift hamper will give you the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation for your sibling. Tell your sibling they are the apple of your eye with this delicious and affordable gift hamper. Also, the NutSpreads have no added preservatives, just like your sibling bond - it's PURE LOVE! 

3- Triple Mix Fun Hamper

What's better than a combination of lime and spice? Nothing, right? So, our next pick, Triple Mix Fun Hamper, is ideal for celebrating the different flavours of your sibling bond. One of the finest dry fruit gift hampers, Triple Mix Fun Hamper, includes Pureheart Nutmix Fruit & Nut, Lime & Spice, and Salt & Sweet. If you want to show your sibling that you appreciate their protection and love, this hamper is the ideal way to do it! Moreover, the delectable products of this hamper will take your sibling on a journey of different flavours, just like your memories - fruity, nutty, tangy, spicy, sweet or salty! 

Whatever flavour your sibling likes is present in this box - isn't it just the perfect dry fruit gift hamper? Grab yours while the offer lasts!  

4- Triple Tempt Hamper

Raksha Bandhan calls a truce between life-long sibling wars! Indeed the festival deserves a special gift - go with a crunchy, salted, sweet and nutty combo! The combination is just like your relationship - full of different flavours! This gift hamper includes Pureheart Nutreat Salted Cashews, Nutspread Choco Mixed Nut & Nutmix Salt & Sweet. Celebrate the festival of truce with a Triple Tempt Hamper. Listed amongst the best dry fruit gift hampers, this combo brings you the perfect amalgam of health and taste.

Moreover, the 10% discount is going to steal the show! So, what are you still troubled over? Give them this guilt-free snack hamper and open a world of flavour, crunch and goodness. 

5- Buy Salted Cashew & Nutpaste

Is your sibling a chef or has a penchant for cooking? Well then, cashew paste is one of the best gifts for them. Since cashew paste is one of the most commonly used ingredients, this hamper will surely be of use for them. This hamper also includes Pureheart Nutreat Salted Cashews, and who doesn't like salted cashews? Indeed this combo is everything to bring a smile to your sibling's face. Why wait then? Get this hamper at the best prices with our Raksha Bandhan sale!  

No other festival celebrates siblings' sweet and salty relationship like Raksha Bandhan. Celebrate it with different flavours of dry fruits from Pureheart. We know that you want only the best for your sibling. Thus, we source our products from Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, the Middle East, Turkey, California, and West Africa! So, grab the best dry fruit gift hampers from our Raksha Bandhan sale!

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