Let’s make life a little more nutty!

Was ‘I will try to eat healthier’ one of your new year resolutions? Well, you do not need a complete diet makeover to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrition. Introducing nuts in your daily food intake is a simple way to go about this. They provide plant-based protein, healthy unsaturated fats, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and fiber. 

 Here are a few suggestions on how to introduce nuts like almonds, cashew, hazelnuts etc. in your diet

  • Keep a small box/pack of nuts in all your daily use bags so you have a no-fuss snack on you at all times. Add in some fruits as a bonus!
  • You can powder your favourite nuts and add them into absolutely anything, like shakes, salads, sandwiches, upmas etc.
  • Replace the crunchy elements in your snacks (yes we know crushed chips is a favourite) with the satisfying taste of roasted nuts
  • Try and make 4-5 nuts a side-dish in every meal at home
  • Chopped nuts added to breakfast cereal help gain extra fiber!
  • If stir-fries are a favourite at home, nuts make for great garnish especially if the family is in the mood for some Thai


So there you go - an achievable way to go healthy! You could even make this a family activity - one new nuts dish combo a week? Try it at home and let us know how it goes

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